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Theodore Johnson


"After years of professional playing and conservatory teaching, I decided to develop my own line of mouthpieces, ligatures, swab and neck strap to help clarinet professionals' and students' musical careers."

  Impeccable Intonation


  Professional Tone Quality


  Ease of Tone Production




  Developed by Theodore Johnson


  36 Year Clarinetist with the Cleveland Orchestra


  Over 50 years as a Conservatory Professor


  Professional and Educator Endorsed



Theodore Johnson mouthpieces, ligatures, swab and neck strap are now available at many retail locations. For more information click on the History and Ordering Information tabs.

Quality Clarinet Mouthpieces


"Allows clarinetist to concentrate on

 making music rather than distractions of

tone production and intonation."

Theodore Johnson  8379 Eaton Dr.  Chagrin Falls, OH ● 44023
Phone: (440) 708-2599 www.johnsonclarinetmp.com