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Endorsement Letter from Mary Lewe
Owensboro High School 9th Grade

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"As a music retailer for the past 30 years, it is rare that I have found such high quality products at affordable prices. In the past year we have easily sold 400 mouthpieces to music educators and aspiring clarinetists. I highly recommend and endorse this product to all schools and music retailers. As the owner of a music store, I have the advantage of trying many different musical products. I know in my 30 years of business that I have tried every clarinet ligature on the market. I can say emphatically that the Theodore Johnson Clarinet Ligature is the finest I have every played allowing the reed to vibrate to its maximum while adding darkness to the tone. I also use his neck strap, which helps with my right hand relaxation."

    - James Stahl, President, Central Instrument Company, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

 "I have found the Ted Johnson mouthpieces to be exceptional in all parameters. His student line mouthpiece is without question the finest mouthpiece on the market for less than $100. It is my top pick for students who want to upgrade to this level. His professional models are also perfect for those who desire a beautiful tone with easy focused articulation and projection. These mouthpieces combine a ‘reed friendly’ facing with just the right blend of warmth and resonance."

    - Dr. Randall S. Paul, Associate Professor of Music-Clarinet, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

"Upon trying the Theodore Johnson clarinet mouthpiece, in my opinion, it is extremely suitable for students to help them play with a better overall tone quality, more centered and controlled. The response of this mouthpiece is easy enough to allow an instant success in tone production and yet offers the sufficient resistance to assist the student in maintaining a correct embouchure and producing an excellent clarinet sound. I recommend it."

    - Michael Elias, Director of Instrumental Music, Wickliffe City Schools (retired), Principal Clarinetist in the Lakeland Civic Band

"The Ted Johnson mouthpiece has worked wonders with my clarinet students. I was mostly impressed that you must use a strong reed on this mouth piece to produce the best results. A 3 1/2 - 4 strength reed gives a more colorful (woody) sound with little effort. The altissimo register is also much easier with this mouthpiece. I would not hesitate to recommend this mouthpiece to any aspiring clarinet student. I have yet to find a student that has not had satisfactory results! I personally like a four strength Vandoren reed on this mouthpiece - WOW!"

     - Brian Patti, Concert clarinetist in Chicago, Cleveland, Milan Italy, and Paris France, Clarinet Professor at Triton College, 30 year experience as a concert and jazz clarinet soloist and clarinet instructor, Founder and Director of The Chicago Big Band Freelance with the Chicago Symphony, Milwaukee Symphony, and Chicago Lyric Opera.

"As a professional clarinetist who has taught extensively for 30 years, I highly recommend the TJ1 mouthpiece for students of all levels. It has a rich, even, professional sound quality throughout all the registers. A clean, crisp articulation can be made with ease and the TJ1 is also compatible with most reeds. Actually, the price is VERY reasonable. The ligature sounds fantastic."

     - Kirsten Ahnell, She has been principal clarinetist and featured soloist with the Owensboro Symphony since 1993. She is a former member of the Savannah Symphony and has performed with many orchestras including the Charleston Symphony, Erie Philharmonic, Youngstown Symphony, Illinois Philharmonic, Evansville Philharmonic. Ms Ahnell has also taught clarinet extensively both privately and in the university setting. She taught at the State University of New York at Fredonia, Kentucky Wesleyan College, and was instructor of clarinet at the Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory Division.

"I have found Mr. Johnson's mouthpiece, especially in plastic, to be an excellent value and an excellent performer as well, possessing an ease of articulation and a beauty of sound that are usually only found in mouthpieces much more costly."

     - John Kurokawa, Dayton Symphony Orchestra

"I have been playing solely on the TJ2. TJ4, TJ5 mouthpieces for roughly 5 years and believe they have superior resonance and balance. The sound harkens back to the glory days of the Szell/Cleveland clarinet era. The articulations come across crisp and clean live in performance and on recordings. The tone is refined and elegant; a welcome break to many of the clarinet sounds of today!
   I recommend all my private students to use the TJ1 mouthpiece and have seen fantastic improvements in their tone, articulation, and musicianship! These mouthpieces are worry-free for the player, which allows for more focus on musicality and technique building. All of my students that are currently sitting principal chair in their groups (grade 5 - high school wind ensemble) are playing on the TJ1. Even though these student mouthpieces are available at a great price, they play like professional mouthpieces and carry the same fantastic attributes as the TJ2, TJ4, TJ5 professional lines.
   I cannot say enough about these mouthpieces. As you know, a mouthpiece makes up about 80% of the resultant sound of players. I recommend most highly and without reservation the Theodore Johnson complete line of mouthpieces!"

     - Craig Wohlschlager, Adjunct Professor of Clarinet - Malone College, Freelance Clarinetist - Greater Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Member of the International Clarinet Association, Member of OMEA/MENC.

"Ted Johnson's clarinet mouthpiece is the ideal mouthpiece for young players. It offers perfect resistance in all registers. For a plastic mouthpiece, the tone is surprisingly dark and "woody." The upper register responds with no additional pressure on the reed. It could easily sell for twice the price and still be a bargain."

     - Rusty Higgins, Los Angeles Studio Musician

"My experience with the clarinet mouthpieces leaves me wanting to say more than just "Congratulations" for the development of such an astounding musical asset to the clarinet. Over the years I have performed with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra and a variety of musical ensembles. I have tested Boosey & Hawkes, Wells. Van Doren, Selmer, Runyon, Casper mouthpieces and the list goes on.
  Not until the introduction of the TW Johnson mouthpiece has there been a mouthpiece that aids students in the intonation throughout all registers, but also enhances professional clarinetist performances with the TW Johnson mouthpiece.
  Again I thank the folks at the T.W. Johnson Co. for the masterful job they have achieved."

     - William Hernandez, Fort Wayne, IN.

"I truly believe that Theodore Johnson has taken his many years of playing experience with The Cleveland Orchestra and used it to develop an outstanding Bb clarinet mouthpiece, the TJ1.
  The TJ 1 has a beautiful sound, along with improved response in the upper register and outstanding intonation throughout all registers of the clarinet. I would personally like to recommend this mouthpiece to all developing clarinet students."

    - Louis Gangale, Clarinet Instructor, The Cleveland Institute of Music, Principal Clarinet, The Cleveland Pops Orchestra, The Cleveland Chamber Symphony, Member of The Cleveland Opera and Cleveland Ballet Orchestras, Utility Clarinet, The Cleveland Orchestra.

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